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    The makeup is horrible.
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    In the morning we called the car to the village and had breakfast. Tanya put on a white light dress, white panties and a bra. Although I asked her to remove her bra so that her breasts were visible from under the dress. We loaded our things and got into the car. Tanya in front, me in the back. The driver was middle-aged and of rather pleasant athletic appearance. A few minutes later, I pretended to be asleep. Tanyusha flirted with the driver in every possible way, until he offered to stop on the side of the road. I saw how he touched my wife’s breasts and her legs, but then he said that the continuation would be on the street. Tanya with the driver went outside and they disappeared into a field with corn. They were gone for about an hour. Then they returned. Judging by my wife’s dirty knees, the driver stood up and fucked her doggy style.
    — Yes, even now I don’t want trouble, but Vika told me in such a way that from some stories it became wet in her panties. If especially in a condom, then everything will be fine. I want this maybe more than you.
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    She grabbed his shoulders with force, pulling Victor to his feet and beginning to unbutton his trousers. She did it quickly, and finally, the longing for tender kisses member broke free. Ira wrapped her lips around him and began to caress the trunk, smacking his lips. She was doing a blowjob when Victor, burning with desire, abruptly picked her up and immediately entered. Great… They stood in the same position for about a minute, enjoying the moment, after which they began to move. The size of Victor’s cock suited her so well that she felt an extravaganza of feelings, choking with moans, she ran into his stake with force. And it doesn’t matter at all that behind the wall is a husband who turned the TV louder and has long understood that he does not satisfy his wife …
    While she was driving, the man who was drinking coffee painfully grabbed my boobs and started milking me. One by one, pulling back on his nipples, he began to squeeze milk into his coffee cup. He did it clumsily, but I was pleased and my excitement again began to grow.
    I couldn’t miss her. Therefore, I had to stop the car on the go and push out the carrier. Damn cretin… I hope you have enough connections in the FSB to get out.
    Yes? she said, and leaned against the wall. — And if so?


    A young magician, experimenting, activates a powerful spell. Unleashed magical powers destroy the caster’s body and tear apart his very essence. But then they gather it together again and place it in a new body, the body of a seductive demoness. The magician manages to retain his self-awareness, but in doing so, he loses most of his memory. Shortly thereafter, he begins to be overwhelmed by the desires inherent in female demons. The former magician is unable to resist them…
    Let me go, what are you doing???
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    The frightened young man looked blankly at me, then at Larisa, who immediately stood up for him, explaining that in my absence she had no one to help, and she turned to the guy. My wife reproached me with the fact that I, they say, flooded my eyes and invented something for myself, although nothing, from her point of view, irreparable happened. In short, we had another fight and I went back to the campsite, freaked out, took a taxi and drove to the center. As we approached the city center, the landscape and the contingent changed beyond recognition. Outside the car window, more and more often, flashed high-rise buildings, neon signs, decent hotels and indecent establishments, such as bars, massage parlors and brothels. Unlike the place where we lived, these streets were noisy and crowded, carnival and vicious fun reigned. I told the taxi driver to drop me off at one of the local attractions and went to get drunk with grief.
    Seryozha was silent, he could no longer squeeze out a word. Then Katya very gently took and swallowed his entire cock and held it in her throat for about 10 seconds. Seryozha held his breath and bulged his eyes. Katya began to gently suck him off, rolling her tongue over his head, after a few minutes Seryozha cum profusely in her mouth. Katya looked into his eyes and said:
    When the pussy is normal, then in the ass … she whispered, breathing heavily with excitement.
    Then I’ll have to take you by force. I objected.
    I got out of Olya and, lifting her up, put a pillow under her sacrum so that her ass was higher than her head. Having planted Olya again, I began to pull her on my penis at a much more comfortable angle. Now I tried to plant her in such a way that the blows fell on the point that I caressed with my finger while I made her kuni. I hugged my girlfriend and we again began kissing passionately without stopping frantically intercourse. Olya blushed, her hot breath was interrupted only by muffled moans when my penis struck a particularly deep blow into her female bowels.


    Hello everyone from sunny California. My name is Sasha. I have been living in the USA for 8 years now. I was born and raised in St. Petersburg. He studied at a school with in-depth study of English. He also loved biology. After he entered the medical university, where he learned about the exchange program in his senior years. I could go to study in different countries. Even to Malaysia, even to India, Australia, Greece or China. But I was lucky enough to go to study in the USA. I began to take a lot of interest in this country, the way of life and habits of their citizens. And so, in 2013, I was informed that my student visa was ready and I was going to study in Denver, Colorado.
    Okay, okay, come on.
    «Your boyfriend?»
    She was clearly beginning to get embarrassed.
    What about mom tonight?
    He took out food on his black [slightly rubber] handkerchief and tied it over my eyes, and he gently crawled around every crack, every corner began to undress me. First a skirt. Then a blouse. A bra and at the end of a capron. He didn’t take off his panties right away, at first he moved his hand over them, and then quietly climbed into them with his hand. He took them off and threw them somewhere in the corner. He licked my pussy until it started to flow. Then he called his friend. As he said, he has Negroes in his relatives, so he is dark [not very] and he has a huge fat penis.
    You see, I really want to help you, but I definitely can’t deceive you.


    How intimate? — she answered with humor, squinting picturesquely at my hand, which was still operating in her panties.
    He escorted Valya to her gate. Standing at the gate, they kissed like a pair of young lovers. Valentina giggled again.
    After these words, he took a step towards me. I realized where everything was going and decided to be the first to take the initiative. Shouting something obscene, I hit the bearded man in the face. There was a loud slap, and the crumpled glasses flew off to the side. The guy swayed and fell on his own hood. A hematoma began to appear on the cheekbone. You will regret it, the rooster growled, but before he could finish the next phrase, the second blow followed, after which he had already fallen to the asphalt, blood was flowing from the cuts of his lip. Chris looked at what was happening with wide eyes, I took her by the hand and led her to the entrance.
    Did you miss me?
    So nine months passed. Then my aunt moved in with us. She was only six years older than me. Her name was Marina. She worked as a model in one agency, she was very tall and very beautiful brunette. When I was cleaning the apartment, I noticed a huge vibrator in Aunt Marina’s things. I really wanted to play with him, put him in all my holes, but I didn’t want Marina to know about it. My aunt also had a sexy mini dress that I really wanted to try on. I was just about to put it on when Marina returned home from work. I had to wait until no one was home.
    Excited, my brain almost didn’t work.


    Author: Gromoverjets
    I didn’t wait long. A few minutes later, Jess went outside. She was wearing a black miniskirt, pink blouse and black shoes. On the face was a very beautiful make-up. And the slender, tanned legs were so beautiful that I wanted to fall on my knees and lick them. We got into the car and drove to the city.
    It’s a pity I didn’t have time to get dressed, it was cool in the closet.
    Taking off my underpants and opening the shower door, I saw a water tap and a one and a half meter hose with a mixer. As I approached the faucet, I pulled the «beak» up, and cool water flowed over my body, and my hair instantly stuck to my body, covering my upper back and my zero chest, which looked like two nipples that barely protruded from the body of «pimps». Because of the constantly flowing water, after several tens of minutes, or even an hour, I was terribly thirsty. Throwing my head back, I immediately threw it back, coughing up water that landed right in my throat, and from there into the bronchi. This «method» of quenching my thirst did not suit me, because I would rather suffocate than get drunk, so I decided to use the faucet that protruded from the bathtub wall. Moving closer to the faucet, I stared at the twenty-centimeter beak of the faucet with its cap pulled up with a peak. Grabbing the faucet with my left hand, I had an incredible feeling of embarrassment and shame: even though the metal «beak» was not at all like a male penis, it was still disgusting to hold a metal «beak» of serious size with my small hand. Slightly lowering the «visor» of the tap handle, water of silver purity flowed from the «beak. It was inconvenient to catch a stream of water from the tap, so I decided to take a serious step: to take this «beak» into my mouth. For me it was a wonder: I was a virgin , and therefore the blowjob experience was not from the word at all.
    I, they say, so pleased to be in her company. We sit, talk, Semyonovna pours water for herself and me, we drink little by little. So, purely to maintain the company, not for the purpose of getting drunk.
    By the way, this should be taken into account.
    As promised, here is the continuation of my story:
    She finished, wriggling her whole body, lying on me. I couldn’t hold on any longer and began to release charges of thick, hot sperm right into the woman’s pussy, driving her as deep as possible with powerful thrusts. Another minute I was lying on Maria Vladimirovna with a member inside, not having the strength to get up. I have never had such a thrill from sex. With an effort, I reluctantly stepped out of the warm hole. There was already a large stain of my seed on the couch, which was leaking from the woman’s crotch. Masha lay without saying anything, only breathing rapidly and trembling from time to time. After wiping my cock on the woman’s thong, I got dressed and left the room. In the corridor, I stopped for just a couple of seconds, admiring Christina’s smile from a familiar photo. How similar they were with Maria Vladimirovna. With these thoughts, I couldn’t even remember my way home. Lying in a cool bed, I decided to check messages on a popular social network before going to bed. When I logged into the app, I saw a new friend request. A beautiful girl with blond hair and blue eyes looked at me from the avatar. In a message from Christina it was written:
    I took off my glasses and put them on the table next to the sofa. The singer looked at me curiously. I slowly approached her and offered my hand. She took it and I picked up the star from the sofa. Due to high heels, she was the same height as me. I turned her back to me and slowly ran my hands over her shoulders, then down along the torso and stopped at her hips. Holding the singer for them, I tilted her forward a little and, pressing my groin against her ass, began to rub my cock against her.
    Elizabeth had no choice, she looked into Herc’s eyes and then at his cock, and tilted her head towards the cock, she began to suck him slowly at first, and then accelerating. Herc rolled his eyes, at that moment it seemed to him that this was the best blowjob that had ever been given to him. He stroked her hair, supported her by the head and gently guided her. He liked it very much. A few more moves and Gerk finished. Since he believed that only whores cum in the mouth or on the face, he took his cock from her and finished Elizabeth on her chest. Then he kissed her passionately and laid her on the bed.


    After the second number I had a break. Then I had a solo dance in the fifth number. The administrator asked us to work as waiters as well. Of course, we had waiters, but on such a special evening, according to him, he wanted us to also serve the girls, especially since we only had to bring drinks for them. I asked to serve exactly the table where the singer was sitting. There were 4 other girls with her. I changed into a black thong and put on a waiter’s tie. Taking a tray of champagne, I went to them.
    He flung open the door and pushed me out into the street, straight onto the iron steps of the back door. I almost fell and had difficulty keeping my balance. Almost head over heels, I flew down the stairs past two smoking guys. Bare chest continued to shake at every step I did not care. The moment of shock passed, and the realization of what had happened came over me. I sobbed. From the nose immediately flowed. No strength left. Finally adjusting awkwardly the straps of my dress, I wandered through the parking lot of the club to one of the curbs. I had to sit down.
    Like this, like this! Well done — Natasha encouraged, again pressing on her friend’s head, helping her keep the rhythm and deep amplitude.
    Do you want to lick?
    My name is Sasha.
    — No, I don’t think these things will come in handy. Throw them away.


    He did a good job, as having felt the situation, he began to do everything slowly and gently. Galchonok closed her eyes and just held my hand. I, as if spellbound, looked at Max’s cock, which was part of her. Everything went great, we were completely liberated, and began to change places in turn, tried different poses, both from above and below, and cancer and sideways. All three were very active, Galchonok moved like when she was young, I was at the peak of delight … They all finished at the same time …
    Artyom did not expect this.
    And you? Come on, I’ll get up.
    «Well, how is my dick in your ass? Like?»
    In vain. I thought we’d do it again.
    What hickeys, inventor? We have a stormy dialogue there, so I got a little disheveled 🙂 What is the smell of sex, what do you invent all the time, we just talk and in general, you came and didn’t even kiss me, do you love me? Hug me, kiss me. Well, of course I’m wet there, you know how quickly I get turned on. That’s it, stop climbing there, don’t turn me on, kiss once and run to the store. Kiss, not lick, well, that’s enough, my guests are bored, now they will forget where they left off and have to start again. Come on quickly.
    Well no.
    I’m already calling. Or will you pay yourself?
    Oh no. You will not be disappointed in me.


    «Isn’t this dress short enough?»
    After liberating me and, of course, arousing me to the extreme, she also undressed, taking off all her clothes and putting them in a pile on the floor. It was early autumn, a day, there was no heating in the apartment, but there was no cold.
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    It got brighter. It took me a couple of seconds to recover, I quickly straightened my clothes and got up. My legs obeyed with difficulty, I took off my shoes and walked barefoot along the cool asphalt towards the embankment; I had to call a taxi to the house.
    Before that, I tried with several girls, but I didn’t get up all the time. And then, finally, he stood up. Perhaps because she, unlike them, did not «disdain» to take it in her mouth.
    Don’t finish! Yet! Faster!
    I took a table, Sasha, having become a little blunt, also began to lift it, we dragged him to the bed, placing him at the end.


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