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He did a good job, as having felt the situation, he began to do everything slowly and gently. Galchonok closed her eyes and just held my hand. I, as if spellbound, looked at Max’s cock, which was part of her. Everything went great, we were completely liberated, and began to change places in turn, tried different poses, both from above and below, and cancer and sideways. All three were very active, Galchonok moved like when she was young, I was at the peak of delight … They all finished at the same time …
Artyom did not expect this.
And you? Come on, I’ll get up.
«Well, how is my dick in your ass? Like?»
In vain. I thought we’d do it again.
What hickeys, inventor? We have a stormy dialogue there, so I got a little disheveled 🙂 What is the smell of sex, what do you invent all the time, we just talk and in general, you came and didn’t even kiss me, do you love me? Hug me, kiss me. Well, of course I’m wet there, you know how quickly I get turned on. That’s it, stop climbing there, don’t turn me on, kiss once and run to the store. Kiss, not lick, well, that’s enough, my guests are bored, now they will forget where they left off and have to start again. Come on quickly.
Well no.
I’m already calling. Or will you pay yourself?
Oh no. You will not be disappointed in me.