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After the second number I had a break. Then I had a solo dance in the fifth number. The administrator asked us to work as waiters as well. Of course, we had waiters, but on such a special evening, according to him, he wanted us to also serve the girls, especially since we only had to bring drinks for them. I asked to serve exactly the table where the singer was sitting. There were 4 other girls with her. I changed into a black thong and put on a waiter’s tie. Taking a tray of champagne, I went to them.
He flung open the door and pushed me out into the street, straight onto the iron steps of the back door. I almost fell and had difficulty keeping my balance. Almost head over heels, I flew down the stairs past two smoking guys. Bare chest continued to shake at every step I did not care. The moment of shock passed, and the realization of what had happened came over me. I sobbed. From the nose immediately flowed. No strength left. Finally adjusting awkwardly the straps of my dress, I wandered through the parking lot of the club to one of the curbs. I had to sit down.
Like this, like this! Well done — Natasha encouraged, again pressing on her friend’s head, helping her keep the rhythm and deep amplitude.
Do you want to lick?
My name is Sasha.
— No, I don’t think these things will come in handy. Throw them away.