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Author: Gromoverjets
I didn’t wait long. A few minutes later, Jess went outside. She was wearing a black miniskirt, pink blouse and black shoes. On the face was a very beautiful make-up. And the slender, tanned legs were so beautiful that I wanted to fall on my knees and lick them. We got into the car and drove to the city.
It’s a pity I didn’t have time to get dressed, it was cool in the closet.
Taking off my underpants and opening the shower door, I saw a water tap and a one and a half meter hose with a mixer. As I approached the faucet, I pulled the «beak» up, and cool water flowed over my body, and my hair instantly stuck to my body, covering my upper back and my zero chest, which looked like two nipples that barely protruded from the body of «pimps». Because of the constantly flowing water, after several tens of minutes, or even an hour, I was terribly thirsty. Throwing my head back, I immediately threw it back, coughing up water that landed right in my throat, and from there into the bronchi. This «method» of quenching my thirst did not suit me, because I would rather suffocate than get drunk, so I decided to use the faucet that protruded from the bathtub wall. Moving closer to the faucet, I stared at the twenty-centimeter beak of the faucet with its cap pulled up with a peak. Grabbing the faucet with my left hand, I had an incredible feeling of embarrassment and shame: even though the metal «beak» was not at all like a male penis, it was still disgusting to hold a metal «beak» of serious size with my small hand. Slightly lowering the «visor» of the tap handle, water of silver purity flowed from the «beak. It was inconvenient to catch a stream of water from the tap, so I decided to take a serious step: to take this «beak» into my mouth. For me it was a wonder: I was a virgin , and therefore the blowjob experience was not from the word at all.
I, they say, so pleased to be in her company. We sit, talk, Semyonovna pours water for herself and me, we drink little by little. So, purely to maintain the company, not for the purpose of getting drunk.
By the way, this should be taken into account.
As promised, here is the continuation of my story:
She finished, wriggling her whole body, lying on me. I couldn’t hold on any longer and began to release charges of thick, hot sperm right into the woman’s pussy, driving her as deep as possible with powerful thrusts. Another minute I was lying on Maria Vladimirovna with a member inside, not having the strength to get up. I have never had such a thrill from sex. With an effort, I reluctantly stepped out of the warm hole. There was already a large stain of my seed on the couch, which was leaking from the woman’s crotch. Masha lay without saying anything, only breathing rapidly and trembling from time to time. After wiping my cock on the woman’s thong, I got dressed and left the room. In the corridor, I stopped for just a couple of seconds, admiring Christina’s smile from a familiar photo. How similar they were with Maria Vladimirovna. With these thoughts, I couldn’t even remember my way home. Lying in a cool bed, I decided to check messages on a popular social network before going to bed. When I logged into the app, I saw a new friend request. A beautiful girl with blond hair and blue eyes looked at me from the avatar. In a message from Christina it was written:
I took off my glasses and put them on the table next to the sofa. The singer looked at me curiously. I slowly approached her and offered my hand. She took it and I picked up the star from the sofa. Due to high heels, she was the same height as me. I turned her back to me and slowly ran my hands over her shoulders, then down along the torso and stopped at her hips. Holding the singer for them, I tilted her forward a little and, pressing my groin against her ass, began to rub my cock against her.
Elizabeth had no choice, she looked into Herc’s eyes and then at his cock, and tilted her head towards the cock, she began to suck him slowly at first, and then accelerating. Herc rolled his eyes, at that moment it seemed to him that this was the best blowjob that had ever been given to him. He stroked her hair, supported her by the head and gently guided her. He liked it very much. A few more moves and Gerk finished. Since he believed that only whores cum in the mouth or on the face, he took his cock from her and finished Elizabeth on her chest. Then he kissed her passionately and laid her on the bed.