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Hello everyone from sunny California. My name is Sasha. I have been living in the USA for 8 years now. I was born and raised in St. Petersburg. He studied at a school with in-depth study of English. He also loved biology. After he entered the medical university, where he learned about the exchange program in his senior years. I could go to study in different countries. Even to Malaysia, even to India, Australia, Greece or China. But I was lucky enough to go to study in the USA. I began to take a lot of interest in this country, the way of life and habits of their citizens. And so, in 2013, I was informed that my student visa was ready and I was going to study in Denver, Colorado.
Okay, okay, come on.
«Your boyfriend?»
She was clearly beginning to get embarrassed.
What about mom tonight?
He took out food on his black [slightly rubber] handkerchief and tied it over my eyes, and he gently crawled around every crack, every corner began to undress me. First a skirt. Then a blouse. A bra and at the end of a capron. He didn’t take off his panties right away, at first he moved his hand over them, and then quietly climbed into them with his hand. He took them off and threw them somewhere in the corner. He licked my pussy until it started to flow. Then he called his friend. As he said, he has Negroes in his relatives, so he is dark [not very] and he has a huge fat penis.
You see, I really want to help you, but I definitely can’t deceive you.