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A young magician, experimenting, activates a powerful spell. Unleashed magical powers destroy the caster’s body and tear apart his very essence. But then they gather it together again and place it in a new body, the body of a seductive demoness. The magician manages to retain his self-awareness, but in doing so, he loses most of his memory. Shortly thereafter, he begins to be overwhelmed by the desires inherent in female demons. The former magician is unable to resist them…
Let me go, what are you doing???
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The frightened young man looked blankly at me, then at Larisa, who immediately stood up for him, explaining that in my absence she had no one to help, and she turned to the guy. My wife reproached me with the fact that I, they say, flooded my eyes and invented something for myself, although nothing, from her point of view, irreparable happened. In short, we had another fight and I went back to the campsite, freaked out, took a taxi and drove to the center. As we approached the city center, the landscape and the contingent changed beyond recognition. Outside the car window, more and more often, flashed high-rise buildings, neon signs, decent hotels and indecent establishments, such as bars, massage parlors and brothels. Unlike the place where we lived, these streets were noisy and crowded, carnival and vicious fun reigned. I told the taxi driver to drop me off at one of the local attractions and went to get drunk with grief.
Seryozha was silent, he could no longer squeeze out a word. Then Katya very gently took and swallowed his entire cock and held it in her throat for about 10 seconds. Seryozha held his breath and bulged his eyes. Katya began to gently suck him off, rolling her tongue over his head, after a few minutes Seryozha cum profusely in her mouth. Katya looked into his eyes and said:
When the pussy is normal, then in the ass … she whispered, breathing heavily with excitement.
Then I’ll have to take you by force. I objected.
I got out of Olya and, lifting her up, put a pillow under her sacrum so that her ass was higher than her head. Having planted Olya again, I began to pull her on my penis at a much more comfortable angle. Now I tried to plant her in such a way that the blows fell on the point that I caressed with my finger while I made her kuni. I hugged my girlfriend and we again began kissing passionately without stopping frantically intercourse. Olya blushed, her hot breath was interrupted only by muffled moans when my penis struck a particularly deep blow into her female bowels.